Maelstrom Season Closer 11/7 to 11/9, 2014

Well it looks like it’s that time again! We want your preregistration for our upcoming Maelstrom Season Closer Weekend Event on November 7-9th! 
This is our last weekend event of the year and defiantly one not to miss! We look forward to seeing you all there!

Please be mindful that the Preregistration and prepayment deadline is Tuesday November 4th by 11:59 pm. 

Please use our Pre-Reg Form for Pre-Registration! 

Event Cost:
$50.00 for Pre-paid before November 5th
$60.00 at the door.

New Players are $30.00 to play if they pre-reg, or show up at the door!

If you wish to pre-pay for the event, you may do so here.

To our returning players! If you bring a New Player along, your next event will be Half-Off!

Cast and Crew:
Free to play!

There is a Meal Plan available for $20. Meals planned for Friday Night Dinner, Saturday Morning Breakfast and Saturday Night Dinner. 
Snacks and Sandwich materials will be provided throughout the event.

Bottled water will be provided.


If you do not wish to take part in the meal plan please make sure you do bring enough to take care of yourself. We do have access to an onsite kitchen.

Camp Cheeseborough
26005 Hwy 9
Los Gatos, CA

Please be aware that this is a TENT CAMPING site. If you are unable to provide your own camping equipment we will do our best to get you the camping equipment you need. This will be done on a first come first serve basis!

If you have extra tents, sleeping bags or other camping supplies that you are willing to lend out please let us know. Goblin Stamps rewards will be earned for loaning camping equipment!

The Big Deal: 

Since this is our season closer we are aiming for a huge turn out. Any player or crew member that helps us promote this event by syndicating it through social media will be awarded 10 Goblin Stamps. 

If you like playing our game help us get the word out and share it with your friends!

Players who bring new blood, we mean new participants, will get half off their next attended weekend event!

If you have a camera and would like to take pictures of our event, please speak to our Staff! Likewise, Goblin Stamp rewards will be earned for taking photos and helping to promote the game!

More Important Stuff: 
Everyone at check will need to re-sign our new release waiver for the up coming year!

Well that’s about it. We look forward to seeing you all at our Season Closer event for The Maelstrom! 

- Alliance SF Cast and Crew

Donation List Update

Hey All!

We are really looking forward to our up coming game on November 7-9th, the Season Closer for The Maelstrom! We look forward to absolutely blowing you all away with our big event planned. But as always, with our sights aimed high we have a few special needs presently on our Wish List!

If you are looking for Goblin Stamps for donations, then this is where it is at!
Please take a look at this list and if you are able to find any of these props, please send an email to me at .

Black plastic painters sheeting. 40′
4-6 Black lights: 48″
Black Light Reactive Makeup: White, blue, green, red, and purple
A Dozen 2” Pony clips

Thank again everyone! Looking forward to seeing you all at the event!

Rules Clarification- Formal Magic

The Alliance Rules Comittee (ARC) has announced that he owners have approved the following corrections for distribution. In general, they are holdovers from prior editions where the scrolls were not properly updated to comply with other changes. These will take effect immediately. Should you have an affected item or scroll, please contact your chapter’s Logistics team to have it updated.

Specific changes:

Arcane Armor: Replace the following line:

“Arcane Armor will breach to zero as regular armor, but will regain its maximum value when refit.”


“Arcane Armor grants Armor Points as per normal suits of armor as defined in the Alliance Rulebook.”

Controlled Spirit Store: Remove the following line (it is contradicted by another line in the same paragraph):

“This ritual will last 5 days only unless extended. “

Curse of Undeath: The Aspect of this ritual should be Necromantic, not Earth/Necromantic.

Destroy Magic: Remove the reference to “and Curse of Undeath/Gift of Life” as a reversible scroll.

Endure Elements: The duration should be 1 year base (not 5 days).

Monster Slayer: Foundation and Magistarium Elemental types are combined into a single Elemental type.

Extraplanar Creature should be added as an option. Please note that as with all other Monster Slayer types, only creatures which have this monster type will be affected (i.e. not Elementals, Fae, or other creatures which may not be from Fortannis but nonetheless do not have Extraplanar Creature as their creature type).

Giant should be removed as an option.

Spirit Store: Update “This is a General Aspect ritual” to “This is a Celestial Aspect ritual” to agree with the actual aspect of the ritual. This ritual should also be updated to last 1 year.

Spirit Recall: Update the duration to “Until Used” (Times Ever effects should have no duration)

Vengeance: Update the duration to “Until Used” (Times Ever effects should have no duration)

Pre-registration for Alliance San Francisco’s September 21st Maelstrom Faire Day is open!

Pre-registration for Alliance San Francisco’s September 21st Maelstrom Faire Day is open!

The pre-registration deadline is Thursday, September 19th, at 11:59 PM. Pre-registration is mandatory if you wish to PC at a Faire Day; non-pre-registered players who do not have a card available will be asked to NPC.

Location: Stulsaft Park in Redwood City
(1339 Recreation Way Redwood City, CA 94061 will provide directions to the correct entrance.)

Price: $15. Non-members will be assessed an additional $10 fee.

Please use the pre-registration form located here to register for the event. If you wish to pre-pay for the event, you may do so here. Please remember that if you plan to pay on arrival you will need to bring cash, as we do not take checks or credit cards.

Writers will be at the park and ready to run the game by 11AM. If you have any questions you wish to speak to a writer about in private, come between 10AM and 11AM and a writer will be available. After 11AM, writer availability for private discussions will be highly variable.

Hope to see you at the event!

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