Campaign Overview

Early in the year of 814 by the common world reckoning the Mists revealed a new land to the world of Fortannis: Enerret.

During an assault on a pocket realm within the Mist controlled by tha Fae of Mist, the pervasive and travelling fog destabilized and several adventures from all over Fortannis fell through the Mists onto the continent of Enerret in the Kingdom of Tharros. The adventurers learned that the natives had no knowledge of the Mist, but did speak of a dark and foul fog they call the Tenebrous. Monstrous beasts regularly pour forth from the Tenebrous. It appears that only the Wayfarers of Enerret have any true ability to combat these creatures as their curses are very damaging to the creatures of the Tenebrous.

In other worlds these proud people might be called Gypsies, but in Enerret they are the Wayfarers. These ambulant people wander most of the world of Enerret, fighting off the dark creatures of the Tenebrous, a dark fog that appears with desultory intermittency. They establish Waymeets for travelers and gift populaces with a protective light that keeps the Tenebrous and its denizens at bay. They also serve to guide people on long journeys, especially between the various nations of Enerret which is why they are also known as the Guardians of the Road. Many people are suspicious of the Wayfarers, perhaps because of the fact that they alone seem to hold the secret to fighting the Tenebrous and the dark creatures within or simply not trusting those who truck with such foulness. The Guardians of the Road speak with all manner of accents which is undoubtedly the result of their itinerant ways. They also dress quite colorfully, perhaps as mute protest against the dark forces the Wayfarers are in constant battle with.

The Kingdom of Tharros is an elective matriarchal monarchy, despite the fact that there are always four sitting queens.

The break of dawn welcomes the Spring Queen

The warmth of midday inspires the Summer Queen

The cool of twilight tempers the Autumn Queen

The dark of night remembers the Winter Queen


Four Queens rule Tharros and they are always of the Karlik and almost always from one of the Great Houses: Tilka – the House of the Blazing Heat, Ulmus – the House of the Unforgiving Winter, Betula – the House of the First Bloom, Osen – the House of the Bountiful Harvest, Vesna – the House of the Spring Thaw, Leeto – the House of the Summer Storm, Gronska – the House of the Turn of Autumn, and Zeema – the House of the Howling of the Bitter Wind.


The Spring Queen is in training, selected by the current Winter Queen while she was serving as the Autumn Queen. The Summer Queen is in the military and serves upon the councils of generals. Her martial and magic training are not symbolic nor simply formality. The Summer Queen must learn to use weapons and magic, learning as a Templar. Even in times of war, the Summer Queen joins battle and commands with the council of generals. The Autumn Queen is the true ruler, working with her advisors to run the Kingdom of Tharros, ascending to throne after her time in the military. When an Autumn Queen decides her time has come to join the winter, she becomes the Winter Queen. If she decides this while a Winter Queen still lives, the current Winter Queen abdicates her position and goes to live out the rest of her days at the Grove of Remembrance. The Winter Queen’s duties are largely training the Spring Queen and performing duties for the people of Tharros, largely acts of charity, meeting with commoners of Tharros as she tours the kingdom, and ceremonial duties for festivals.