Enerret Campaign


Enerret is our Primary Campaign for the San Francisco chapter, run primarily in the Santa Cruz Mountains. A classic fantasy realm retold, players are invited to adventure in the Kingdom of Tharros and neighboring kingdoms. Players can expect to find chivalrous and dutiful champions protecting the besieged world of Enerret as well as dark and chilling monsters of myth. But, not all is as it seems! Secrets and mysteries lurk in every corner as beasts of nightmare come out of the fog to carry you off into the night. This, our flagship campaign, is a Sword and Sorcery Fantasy world enriched by a detailed cultural foundation and history with just a touch of whimsy, humor, and darkness. It is the epitome of the classic LARP world re-imagined and re-defined to offer a fresh take for a beloved genre. Come for a weekend and find great fortune and glory to rise as a Hero of Enerret!