Maelstrom Campaign


Alliance Maelstrom is our exclusive San Francisco campaign, run only three times a year on an invitation only basis. This limited production is of the highest caliber, using only the best in visual special effects, props and costumes to bring this immerse and immense world to life. This premier production brings you an unrivaled level of rich creation and set piece mastery to tell a story of epic proportions.

This Unique and Exclusive campaign is an adventure in a Post-Apocalyptic Dark Fantasy world where in the heroes of The Maelstrom are pitted against the world itself, corrupted and overtaken by the vast and immortal forces of the Elemental Planes. But these plights to retake this shattered and desolate world are only the beginning, as forces yet darker still lurk in waiting, watching and planning for their moment to unmake their alien and inexorable plans. This campaign focuses on the epic actions of a handful of heroes intent on fighting Fate and changing the destiny of a world gone by. Do you have what it takes to survive the Maelstrom and become something more! Invitations and event space are limited. To receive an invitation, check out our Gold membership Rewards Program!