Campaign Overview

The last vestiges of civilization crumbled when the planar walls fell. The Chaos War had raged for too long and the fractured nations, our forces long depleted in the drawn-out conflict, were unable to stand against the elemental tide. In this moment of history the many races of this once-proud land find ourselves hunted, driven into hiding and forced, I fear, into extinction. 

We are the last of our kin. We made our way from sea to sea in search of help or sanctuary; there is none to be found, and we can run no longer. In this place we remaining few will fortify and make a final stand, but no one is optimistic about our chances. We are almost certainly going to die here; I just hope that we can make it hurt a little before we do. 

If anyone comes upon this place I hope that they do so in better times. I would not want anyone else to have to live in ours.

Minfar al’Rasken
Scholar and Healer
Great City of M~

Fifteen years have passed since the last settlement was destroyed by the elemental onslaught. The elemental lords, unencumbered by planar barriers, war endlessly over the maelstrom that has consumed the land. As the last surviving remnants of the lost civilization fall into decay and begin to disappear from the land a portal opens briefly, lasting just long enough to deliver its mortal payload…