LCO Magic Items

Magic Items

Below is the list of ritual scrolls that may be purchased with goblin stamps in Alliance San Francisco. If a scroll has multiple difficulties available, you select the level of difficulty you purchase it at. If, at the time of casting, you choose to cast it at a lower difficulty, you may do so, however, you may never cast one of these LCO scrolls at a higher casting difficulty. When you purchase a scroll, it will be marked as requiring no components. However, if you choose to spellcraft off of an LCO ritual scroll, you may do so, expending listed components as normal.

LCO Reagents may be purchased for 90 goblin stamps. Any ritual that utilizes an LCO reagent renders the rituals results LCO. If you wish to bring an LCO magic item to another chapter, you should first review that chapter’s LCO transfer policy.

Rituals must be cast in-game!

Some rituals have been intentionally excluded from this list. If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask, though.
As always, the Alliance San Francisco plot team and owner reserve the right to change this list without notice, as fits the needs of the chapter.

The following ritual scrolls are available for purchase with goblin stamps. If you would like to purchase one or more, please send an email to

LCO Ritual Purchase List

Being updated with 2.0