Welcome to the 2018 season of Alliance SF!

February 9-11: The Maelstrom
Camp Cutter

March 16-18: Enerret
Camp Cutter

April 20-22: Enerret
Camp Cutter

June 1-2: The Maelstrom
Camp Cutter

July 6-8: The Maelstrom
Camp Cutter

August 17-19: Enerret
Enchanted Hills

September 21-23: The Maelstrom
Enchanted Hills

October 12-14: The Maelstrom

November 16-18: Enerret

We are looking forward to a fantastic season with all of you!

Event cost is $65 for those players who Pre-Register.
Event cost is $85 at the Door without Pre-Registeration.
New Players’ first game is $40 with or without Pre-Registration.
Players can get $5.00 Off their game for our Bay Area Larp rewards!

If you have attended one of our local Larps bring your character sheet from their last game for $5 off. This offer is valid for the following local LARPs:
-Realms of Conflict
-Dark Prospects

For those who are interested in blanketing our entire season, please check out our Season Pass!