Welcome to the 2018 season of Alliance SF!

We are pleased to be returning to Camp Cutter for all of our events this year. We’re looking forward to the consistency and stability that a single site will offer.

The address for GPS is:
Cutter Scout Reservation
2500 China Grade Rd, Boulder Creek, CA 95006

February 9-11: The Maelstrom

March 16-18: Enerret

April 20-22: Enerret

June 1-2: The Maelstrom

July 6-8: The Maelstrom

August 17-19: Enerret

September 21-23: The Maelstrom

October 12-14: The Maelstrom

November 16-18: Enerret

We are looking forward to a fantastic season with all of you!

Event cost is $65 for those players who Pre-Register.
Event cost is $85 at the Door without Pre-Registeration.
New Players’ first game is $40 with or without Pre-Registration.
Players can get $5.00 Off their game for our Bay Area Larp rewards!

If you have attended one of our local Larps bring your character sheet from their last game for $5 off. This offer is valid for the following local LARPs:
-Realms of Conflict
-Dark Prospects

For those who are interested in blanketing our entire season, please check out our Season Pass!