Event Logistics

Event Logistics

What can Logistics do for you?

Logistics manages your character(s) for you, updating it and keeping track of what you’ve attended. At any time, you can ask for a copy of your character for your personal review.
Logistics also handles requests for transfers between chapters. If you plan to drive up to Seattle or fly out to the east coast, logistics is who you contact to make sure your character gets there.
Logistics has a monthly blanket list. If you have goblin stamps, and would like to be on this list, you just have to contact logistics and ask. Monthly blankets cost 30 gs and are applied (as close to as possible) the 1st of the month.

What can’t Logistics do for you?

Logistics cannot apply back blankets for any event or month farther than 3 months back. This is an alliance policy.
Logistics cannot transfer goblin stamps from you to anyone else. This is an alliance policy.
Logistics cannot approve character histories. Character histories go to enerret@alliancesf.net or maelstrom@alliancesf.net for review. Once approved, plot informs logistics.

What can you do to help Logistics do its job better?

Always keep a recent copy of your character card. *knock on wood*
Pre-reg! If you forget to pre-register for an event, a typed up or neatly printed list of what you need brought with you to logistics will make sure that your choices are understood. It won’t count as pre-registering, but it’ll get you through the line a little bit faster.
Always bring your tags with you to logistics at an event. Logistics needs to verify your magic item tags, spell and recipe books, and workshops. These items affect what you are doing at logistics.
Sign in on the sheet for events! Logistics uses this to help input and verify who is at the event as what character. This makes sure that you get your xp. It’s important that you write legibly, and that you put down a character name, even if you’re NPCing. Lots of people have more than 1 character and logistics needs to know who you want your xp to go to. If you forget to sign in, you can contact logistics via email (see below) to let me know you were there and who the xp should go to. Be advised! Forgetting to sign in and not contacting logistics may cause you to not receive xp for an event you attended.

How do I pre-register for an event?

Visit this link to pre-register for events.
Magic item abilities should be broken out by item, and should have their item number submitted with them. A magic item’s number will always start with ASF, SFG, or some other three letter combination indicating the chapter the item comes from.
Send your pre-registration in before the deadline posted by logistics.
If you’re really excited and want to pre-register for the next event as soon as you get home, that’s ok! Just please do not do so for events more than 2 months away.
If you plan to NPC, logistics would still like to know. The information gets passed along to the plot team and helps them plan the weekend and how much food to buy for NPCs.

Pre-registration for Faire days is now mandatory if you wish to PC. If you do not pre-register or bring your own card, you will not be allowed to PC.

How do I contact Logistics?

logistics@alliancesf.net is the best method and will get you answers to general inquiries all days of the week.
Any questions you may have that are not covered in this post can be handled via the logistics email.