The Maelstrom Season Opener March 10th -12th

The Maelstrom Season Opener March 10th-12th

Hey, Everyone!
We’re excited to announce our up and coming Maelstrom Season Opener for March 10th- 12th, our Season’s First weekend!

This event will be hosted at Camp Krem!

Let us know what your characters have been doing this past month.

Downtimes are due by Monday February 27th Send them to:

Please note, our Logistics email has also changed recently as well! Please reach us at

If you have had Logistics needs within the last 60 days, please re-email your requests to

We will also be accepting pre-registrations untilSunday March 5th 11:59 pm.

Please use our Pre-Reg Form for Pre-Registration! And if you want Pre-Pay here!

Event Cost:

$55.00 if you have pre-registered on or before Sunday March 5th.
$70.00 at the door.

-$5.00 Bay area Larp reward
If you have attended one of our local Larps bring your character sheet from their last game for 5 dollars off this game! This counts for the following local Larps:
-Realms of Conflict
-Dark Prospects

New Players are $30.00.

To our returning players! If you bring a New Player along and they play for at least 3 Games, you will receive 50% the cost of a Weekend event of your choice! Make sure you note the referral in the purple binder at check in!

Cast and Crew:
Free to play!

There is a Meal Plan available for $20. Meals are planned for Friday Night Dinner, Saturday Morning Breakfast, Saturday Day Lunch, Saturday Night Dinner and Sunday is Leftovers.

Meals are provided for cast and crew. If you are a guild member or are planning on NPCíng please let us know so we can feed you.

Bottled water will be provided.

Please Note: If you wish to participate in the Meal Plan, you must Pre-Register and Pre-Pay for the meal plan. Moreover, because of Food purchasing, we can not offer refunds for our meal plan. However in the event that you can not make the event, your Meal Plan payment will be converted into Goblin Stamps at a 5:1 Ratio.

Friday Dinner 10pm: TBA
Saturday Breakfast 11am: TBA
Saturday Dinner 7pm: TBA

If you do not wish to take part in the meal plan please make sure you do bring enough to take care of yourself. We do have access to an onsite kitchen.

Important Note: If you wish to be on the Meal plan you MUST pre-register and pre-pay for the Meal Plan to be on the meal plan no later than March 5th 11:59 PM.

Camp Krem
102 Brook Ln, Boulder Creek, CA 95006

Cabins are available for all players. You may reserve Cabin space by Including it in your Pre-Registration. Otherwise, Cabins are on a first come, first serve basis.

If you would like to verify a reservation for a cabin for a large group, please contact Logistics.