March Event

March 18-20 Weekend– The Maelstrom
Camp Krem

“The Lantern Bearers have arrived in a much smaller Vaeltarii town, a village by comparison.  Only to find it occupied by life-order centric creatures.  A fiercely proscecuted couple of days led to the confrontation with, and destruction of the thing that was making the local denizens.  But, what made that?  
Find out. Join the forces of the Lantern Bearers, and fellow Mystwalkers from afar as they undertake the monumental tasks laid out before them.  Explore the dark silent depths of the neverlight, and aid in the recovery of the lost and forgotten.
The Lantern Bearers once again bolstered by other walkers of the mist will have their hands full as they try to secure their living space, without tipping off the many foes that seek their destruction, secure a bolt hole, and still prosecute their overall agenda.  To raise the walls of the elemental planes, and drive out the invaders.”


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Camp Krem

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