Event Purchase

Event Payment:
Please fill out the Pre-Registration Form in addition to purchasing the event below.
Please, take a look at our season pass for those who wish to Blanket our entire season of events: 2016 Season Pass

Meal Plan:
Meal Plan will be offered for $20, each game.
Meals are planned for Friday Night Dinner, Saturday Morning Breakfast, Saturday Day Lunch, Saturday Night Dinner, Sunday Morning Leftovers.Meals are provided for cast and crew. If you are a guild member or are planning on NPCíng please let us within you Pre-Registration so we can feed you.

Please Note: 
If you wish to participate in the Meal Plan, you must Pre-Register and Pre-Pay for the meal plan. Moreover, because of Food purchasing, we can not offer refunds for our meal plan. However in the event that you can not make the event, your Meal Plan payment will be converted into Goblin Stamps at a 5:1 Ratio.We can no longer offer Meal Plan for those who have not Pre-Registered and paid for the Meal Plan. (However You can still pay for game on site).

05/24/2016 Update:

Hey Everyone,

Alliance SF Staff is extraordinarily excited for our season to continue. We’re pleased to announce we’ll be returning to camp Loma in June and Cheseborough in July!
It is our mission to keep cost of game down for our players and ensure the highest quality LARP.
We’ve had to make a difficult decision to increase the cost of game. This is due to the increase in rental fees for the 2016 season.
As of June 10th, 2016; event cost will be increased to $55 for players who pre-register. At the door cost will be increased to $75 for players who do not pre-register. First Time Player Discount will remain in effect.
Alliance San Francisco is an amazing community and it is with your support that we are able to run our quality game. We would also like to take this opportunity to introduce our sliding scale payment system.
While our Pre-registration cost remains at $55 for pre-registered players and $75 for non pre-registered player. Those players willing to donate beyond game cost will receive Goblin Stamps at our 8:1 ratio. Players can pay up to $100 for game fee, with the difference treated as a donation.
Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 5.08.39 PM
These additional funding will go towards new props for the season as well as a fund that we have allocated for players who are unable to pay for game.
We absolutely appreciate the support of our players and staff. Together we make this game great.
Thank you all very much,
Alliance San Francisco Staff

Weekend Event:

PC Event for One New Player with Pre-Registration Discount $30 

PC Event for One Player with Pre-Registration Discount $55 

PC Event for One Player no Discount $75

Three Day Event:

Three Day PC Event for One Player with Pre-Registration Discount $85 

Three Day PC Event for One Player no Discount $115

Three Day Meal Program $30

Additional Options:

Meal Program $20

Cabin Pre-Reg $5

Logistics Concierge Check In $5